Our Team

Olesia Popenkova

Director – Olesia Damirovna Popenkova. Graduate of the Moscow State Linguistic University (linguist, teacher of foreign languages ​​and cultures) and the Moscow Center for the Development of Human Resources in Education (management in education).

Olesya Damirovna has 18 years of teaching experience. In 2018, she joined the administrative team of the Gymnasium. E. M. Primakova as Deputy Director for the Quality of Education. Also in 2018, she became a finalist in the Teacher of the Year 2018 competition.

Olesya Damirovna is confident that a variety of learning tasks develop character in future leaders who can change the world.

Anna Orlova

Meet Anna Orlova, the kindergarten teacher of the Russian school of Abu Dhabi. Anna is a teacher of the highest qualification category.

She is a graduate of Sholokhov State University of Humanities with a degree in foreign language and international communications. Also Anna passed retraining in the field of preschool education.

Anna is a teacher with 8-year experience. In 2017, she joined Primakov school team as a kindergarten teacher. In 2019 Anna became the winner of the prestigious competition “Educator of the Year of the Moscow Region”.

Anna believes that the key task of a preschool teacher is to make difficult things simple and entertaining.

Nino Lashkarava

Nino Lashkarava is a qualified primary school teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She graduated from the Sholokhov Moscow State University in 2011 and has been working as a teacher for over 10 years.

In addition, Miss Nino obtained various globally recognized teaching training certificates and has had experience working in international schools abroad as well as Russian schools in Moscow. 

She is highly motivated to help each child to reach their full potential by fostering skills relevant to their curriculum and to become positive members of a diverse community. 

Ms. Nino encourages students to express their unique potential in a secure, supportive environment, conducive to their development, so they can find the key to personal success.

Klara Dashkova

Klara Dashkova is a preschool teacher. 

Klara is an English Teacher graduate of Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University named and an Economics graduate of St. Petersburg State University of Economics. 

Klara Dashkova has 7 years of teaching experience and has worked for different schools. In 2018 she joined the team of the pre-school department of Primakov School as an educator.

She is interested in new educational methods and is keeps updated with pedagogical innovations. At her lessons she uses board games and interactive games to introduce and teach elementary mathematical concepts to children and helps them develop their logical and spatial thinking. 

Klara Dashkova admits that she loves to observe the changes in her students as their knowledge grows and gradually begin to love mathematics more and more.

“The ideal lesson is one in which the child is not afraid to make mistakes and try something new.”

Olga Pronina

Olga Pronina — primary school teacher. She graduated with honors from the Moscow State Pedagogical University in 2011 with a degree in Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education.

She has been a primary school teacher for 11 years.

Olga Gennadievna believes that various forms and methods of presenting educational material contribute to its better assimilation. He is fond of innovative pedagogical programs and directions, conducts methodological seminars.

She loves to travel and do sports like swimming, Nordic walking and yoga.

Polina Deveikis

Polina Vladimirovna Deveikis is a preschool teacher at the Russian School in Abu Dhabi.

Polina Vladimirovna is a teacher with more than 9 years of experience. Since 2019, she has joined the ANEO “Regional Gymnasium named after. E. M. Primakov “as a teacher of the preschool department.

Polina Vladimirovna is sure that the goal of a teacher is to motivate children and use all resources to develop their skills and confidence through creative learning.

In her spare time, she enjoys water sports such as swimming and SUP surfing.

Viktoriia Iakovleva

Victoria Iakovleva graduated from the Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts with a degree in musical theater artist and music teacher.

Victoria participated in opera productions, trained in the choir of the Chamber Stage of the Bolshoi Theater. He is a laureate of the international competition “Renaissance-2018” in Armenia. For three years she worked as a soloist in the choir “Jazz Friends”.

In 2020, she joined the team of the Gymnasium. E. M. Primakov “as a music teacher. At the Gymnasium, she organized a vocal class, founded a choir with the participation of colleagues, which successfully performs at various events.

Victoria believes that the voice of every child should be heard, and talent should be revealed