Primary School

In primary school, our main goal is to develop the student’s personality in its individuality and uniqueness. We consider it important to form a culture of leadership as the basis for moral, civic, social, personal and intellectual development.

The educational program is based on bilingual education: an international team of native language teachers work with schoolchildren, they teach children multicultural understanding and respect.

 It is important that all our students constantly interact with each other, learn to work in a team of peers. Teachers build lessons and extracurricular activities in such a way that the children learn to negotiate, to be responsible not only for themselves, but also for their comrades. Experts have proven that collaborative learning not only develops students’ thinking skills, but also increases their confidence and self-esteem.

 We pay much attention to strengthening the physical and mental health of schoolchildren. The physical education curriculum allows children to enjoy and excel in many types of physical activity, take part in various competitions.

Primary School Timetable

7.30-8.00 Arrival, welcome activities, morning exercise

8.00-10.20 Lessons

10.20-11.00 Snack

11.00-13.20 Lessons

13.20-14.00 Lunch and activities

14.00-15.30 Lessons

15.30-17.00 Extra-class activities, homework, individual lessons, project work, rehearsals

17.00-18.00 Playing activities

17.30-18.00 Dismissal