Principal’s Message

Created on the basis of close cultural ties between Russia and the United Arab Emirates, the Russian School of Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with the Primakov School gives her students a quality education based on the Russian educational program. Students study all subjects of the Federal State Educational Standard of the Russian Federation and subjects that are mandatory for all students in the UAE, such as Arabic.

The Russian School in Abu Dhabi is an innovative educational environment and individual educational trajectories for each student. We strive to develop critical thinking, independent and responsible decision-making skills in our students. Children study in a multicultural environment, which allows them to grow up open and tolerant. It is important for us to teach children the basic values of citizenship, to guide them to success in the interests of the state and society.

The daily schedule includes curricular and extracurricular activities, an extra-academic program and additional classes. We immerse the child in an atmosphere of learning, creativity and development from morning to evening. We are creating a school community in which everyone can find something to their liking, broaden their horizons and discover new talents.

The academic team of the school is represented by teachers with Russian and international educational experience. We are a team of like-minded people who learn from each other, share experience and implement the principles of continuous learning. Being the perfect school for every student and every family is an unattainable goal, but we strive for it every day.

 The Russian School in Abu Dhabi is a school for those who believe in themselves and in their dreams, who want to constantly improve and move forward. Learn. Lead. Make a better world.